Phonsavan “Plain of Jars”

Phonsavan  (population 37,507) is the capital of Xiangkhoang Province of Laos.

Phonsavan is the provincial capital of Xiangkhouang Province. The countryside is dominated by green hills and pine forests. Villages consist of colourful wooden houses. Cattle raising is one of the main agricultural activities and Hmong cowboys with brown and violet cowboy hats are a common sight. During Hmong New Year there are bullfights in the city. Phonsavan was built in the late 1970s and replaced the old Xiangkhouang (today: Muang Khoun) which had been destroyed during the Second Indochina War.

Phonsavan’s most famous attraction is the nearby Plain of Jars, which has been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status. The main economic activity in Phonsavan is based on government administration, mining companies from China and Australia, tourism, and the work of NGOs related to clearing unexploded ordnance.

Things to See:

Plain of Jars 1
Plain of Jars 2
Plain of Jars 3
Ban Napai Spoon Village

Phou Keng Jar Quarry Site

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